Making copies and coffee? Not here!

Making copies and coffee? If that’s what you expect from your internship at Frauscher you will be disappointed. Eva Haas and Susanne Schlatter will tell you what you can indeed expect. These two students from University of Applied Sciences Wels and University of Passau have been supporting our Product Management and Marketing since spring in the course of their mandatory internships. For sure making copies and coffee is something they did not have any time for. We talked to them about their work at Frauscher.

Susanne Schlatter und Eva Haas absolvierten bei Frauscher ein Praktikum

What department are you working in at Frauscher and what are your tasks there?

Eva: I work in Product Management and I concentrate on conceptualising and conducting a portfolio analysis. This is also the topic of my bachelor’s thesis that I am currently writing together with Frauscher.

Susanne: My tasks vary: I do a lot of administrative work but I am also very involved in the process of organising exhibitions. My main task was supporting the Marketing team in planning this year’s Wheel Detection Forum.

Is what you are doing now something you would like to do later on?

Eva: Yes, I can picture myself working in Product Management one day. In my future I want to concentrate even more on Innovation Management.

Susanne: When I started this internship I was already sure that I do not want to work in my field of study. Instead, I want to work in Marketing or Event Management. Working at Frauscher in the last few weeks strengthened this idea even more.

How did you hear about Frauscher?

Susanne: Easy: I saw your employment notice at the Career Service of the University of Passau. Otherwise I might have never found you.

Eva: I talked to two of your employees at the career fair of University of Applied Sciences Wels. Frauscher immediately seemed to be an interesting and likeable company.

Be honest: Would you also like to work at Frauscher as a permanent employee?

Susanne: Yes. But unfortunately, I do not have time yet.

Eva: Frauscher for sure is an excellent employer. However, after this internship I will first do my master’s degree.

Why would Frauscher be a good employer for you?

Eva: Because of Frauscher’s fresh and exciting company culture and the pleasant working atmosphere. You get a warm welcome and feel comfortable in the work environment very quickly.

Susanne: You are right about this openness and kindness – one is part of the team from day one onwards. Even though Frauscher is a growing international company, it feels almost like a family business, which I really like. And there is fresh fruit every day!

Susanne, you are studying in Germany, so this internship counts as work experience abroad – even though you only live 35 kilometres away. Didn’t you want to work somewhere further away?

Susanne: I think it is more important to find an internship that suits you and what you want to achieve personally. It is not the goal to just go somewhere because of the seemingly more exciting country. Why going abroad if you don’t speak the language well and, because of this, know that you might only make coffee and copies?

Apart from making coffee and copies… what did you miss during your internship at Frauscher?

Susanne: In the beginning I actually missed some standard intern tasks.

Eva: To finish lectures at noon and enjoy the sun for the rest of the day…

What was your most exciting task at Frauscher so far?

Susanne: A trip to Salzburg to the company that provides some equipment for the Wheel Detection Forum. I did not expect to be able to go on such a trip as an intern. It was also fascinating to talk about FTS (Editor’s note: Frauscher’s latest product line) to the company so that they can align their installation design to the underlying fibre optic technology. Before that, I did not entirely grasp the concept of FTS and it was very interesting to see how marketing and technology connect at Frauscher.

Eva: My most exciting task at Frauscher is strategically designing the product portfolio. I deal with questions like: What future product developments are necessary? What products should be withdrawn from the range of products? These topics have an impact on the development of the whole company. It is very impressive to be part of this.

Last question: What advice can you give your successors?

Susanne: Nothing is impossible – stay calm and don’t forget to write to-do lists.

Eva: Bring a lot of motivation – and a healthy appetite! Eating together is cherished and there is always a lot of food, both in the mornings and lunch breaks.

„Das Praktikum ist ein Pflichtpraktikum – fühlt sich aber nicht so an!“

“Even though it is a mandatory internship, it doesn’t feel like one”

Susanne Schlatter worked at Frauscher from March until the beginning of June where she supported the Marketing department with planning and preparing this year’s Wheel Detection Forum. The 23-year-old girl comes from Ludwigsburg, Germany and is doing her bachelor’s degree in European Studies with a focus on art history and French studies in her last semester. After this internship she will concentrate on her bachelor’s thesis and will start working part-time as a study coordinator for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at University of Passau.

„Frauscher hat mir geholfen, den Fokus für mein weiteres Studium zu schärfen“

“Frauscher helped me in sharpening the focus for my future studies”

Eva Haas is working at Frauscher since mid-April and will support the department Product Management until August. Because her daily commute from Gmunden would be too much to ask for, Frauscher provided her with accommodation during her internship. The 22-year-old finishes her bachelor in Innovation Engineering & Management at University of Applied Sciences Wels. She is being mentored by two Frauscher employees who support her with her bachelor’s thesis. In autumn she is going to do her master’s in Innovation and Technology Management at University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna.

Stefan Daller

Stefan Daller



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Making copies and coffee? Not here! Making copies and coffee? Not here! Making copies and coffee? Not here!

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