Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you?

Save the date: On 19 November 2019, Frauscher is going to launch into a digital future! Find out what this means for us and for our customers and partners. Without giving away too much, one thing is for sure: The new Frauscher sets the stage for major innovations.

Frauscher is always in motion – and we’ve been on the fast track to the future for over 30 years already! Our petrol-coloured logo has not only come to stand for highly reliable train tracking, wheel detection and axle counting solutions. It also represents a passion for progress and know-how of cutting-edge technology and trends. Our claim: Track more with less! Our aim: facilitating the work of operators and system integrators around the world.

Now, it’s time to add another milestone to our corporate history. Let’s take a look into the digital future of Frauscher …

Globalisation on track

Global and real-time: A worldwide network of partners and locations ensures that our experts are always on site, whenever and wherever our customers need them. With an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the diverse global railway markets, we are able to instantly respond with smart, flexible solutions.  

A continual feedback loop and first-hand insights allow us to make on-going improvements to our product and service portfolio. In addition, our strong supply chain guarantees market-leading short delivery times and high quality at competitive costs.

“With a decentralised organisational structure and a highly efficient communications network, we provide our customers with optimum real-time service – around the world. Our colleagues on site are the direct links between market specific requirements that must be considered by system integrators and operators and Frauscher’s comprehensive know-how about how to respond to these requirements.” – Gerhard Grundnig, CSO

Collaboration on track

Open-minded and connected: Frauscher works closely with railway experts from around the world. From a first contact to personal consultations throughout the project life cycle and after-sales services, our experts continually accompany our customers. We speak their language. We know their requirements. And we know how to meet these requirements.

To us, a strong customer focus not only means optimum customer service but also driving progress through collaboration. It’s the long-term relationships that we enter with the people using our products that help co-create and shape the future of Frauscher.

We always strive to be a reliable and lasting partner for our customers. A strong network of locations across the globe helps us to be close to them right from the initial requirements to the completion of projects and beyond. This strong network of various locations and partners also helps us to better understand the real needs of improvements in our product line according to changing scenarios. The key for our success today is our flexibility to appreciate customers' requirements and come up with a solution which may even entail development of completely new solutions or adding new features to the existing systems. – Alok Sinha, Managing Director Frauscher India

Technology on track

Diverse and digital: To stay ahead of new developments in the railway industry, we focus on an even more extensive and future-oriented product portfolio. By employing cutting-edge, intelligent products from the IoT to Machine Learning and AI, we give our customers early access to innovative solutions.

“By harnessing the potential of an increasing digitalisation of railways, we constantly identify and create new ideas in other areas as well. Comprehensive knowledge about the railway industry meets fresh know-how about digital possibilities in our research and development departments.” – Martin Rosenberger, CTO

Flexibility on track

Flexible and agile: The binary flexibility of both our products and of Frauscher as a company enables us to create tailor-made solutions. Our openness to new ideas and the courage to implement new approaches have been important contributing factors in becoming technological market leader. An agile working methods, versatile products and real-time services allow us to effectively respond to the needs of our customers and the requirements of their markets. That’s smart flexibility on track.

Digitalisation on track

Innovative and inspiring: Helping our customers reap the benefits of increasing digitalisation is one of the main objectives of expanding our portfolio. Sensor technology by Frauscher generates the data that operators and system integrators need for their respective infrastructure – in less time and with less effort. How do we accomplish that? With passion, innovative strength and decades-long experience.

By giving new ideas the room to grow, we are creating technology for a digital future that excites, sparks enthusiasm and inspires. Better yet: technology that improves the lives and daily work of our customers.  

We are on track – towards further improvements. What are they, and when will they take place? We will share more on what the future of Frauscher holds on 19 November 2019.

Stay up to date: Get a live insight into what’s to come! Additional info can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Irene Schneebauer

Irene Schneebauer


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Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you? Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you? Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you? Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you? Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you? Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you? Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you? Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you? Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you? Launching into the new world of Frauscher! We are on track – are you?

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